Who is Sarah Stefani ?

French photographer specialized in destination weddings, Sarah combines the joy of life, sweetness and taste of refined and delicate things.
It’s during her film studies that Sarah Stefani falls in love with the image and invests in her first camera.
She starts photographing every moment she has spent with the people she loves in order to never forget them.
At 18, she began travelling alone in Europe, always accompanied by her camera.
But it’s during her one-year-trip to Australia, that she realizes that she wants to become a photographer.
Attracted by reporting and it’s authentic and spontaneous character, Sarah’s mission is to transcribe life moments in the most beautiful way possible.
What she wants is to bring out the beautiful in every moment, every object and every person.
It’s then that she begins to photograph weddings to offer the most beautiful memory of this unique day.

What would be your ideal wedding shoot?

As a fine art wedding photographer, I have a deep love for natural light, details and grandiose landscapes. I love intimate and moving ceremonies, beautiful details, stunning bouquets, bright colors, stylish tables, gorgeous skirts and dresses, gorgeous sunsets, but most of all I love authentic love stories, moving speeches and immortalizing tears of joy and laughter. My ideal wedding would be an intimate open-air wedding with a refined decoration and a touching love story.

What would be your ideal Wedding Venue?

I had the chance to accompany Oliver Fly to the very exclusive venue called “Le Mas des Poiriers”. It’s a Provencal Bastide with interiors mixing the modern and authentic wonderfully. This place is perfect for a wedding photography. The exteriors are beautifully maintained, the sunsets are sublime, the rooms are sublime for the wedding preparations.
It’s the most beautiful place in which I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding. So, thanks to Oliver Fly for giving me this chance.

Your most beautiful experience?

My most beautiful experience is also my saddest experience. One of my newlyweds passed away leaving behind his pregnant wife. She told me that the pictures I had made for them meant a lot to her. So, on the days when I find my profession futile, I think back to it and I think it’s nice to be able to immortalize those moments of fleeting joys.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I find my inspiration in foreign wedding blogs such as Style me Pretty and Wedding Sparrow. These blogs highlight the work of many Argentic Photographers for the most part, I am really crazy about this style of photography.

Crédit photo : Sarah Stefani