About M | Agency

M | Agency conceptualizes and carries out bespoke weddings in the South of France for a national and international clientele.

About M | Agency

M | Agency conceptualizes and carries out bespoke weddings in the South of France for a national and international clientele.

The agency was born from the collaboration of two wedding planners from the south of France, Manon Zucca and Marjorie Garcia, who have chosen to combine their expertise in order to offer their customers a unique and high-end service.

Lovers of Provence, their native region, it is natural for them to organize weddings there, for many couples, coming from all around the world and eager to discover its magical places, its lavender, its olive trees and its Mediterranean sea!

The region is full of wonderful places to host your wedding ceremony and reception. Your wedding planners will be able to make you discover incredible places, which will enchant you.
M | Agency is also a network of qualified, professional and passionate service providers who make every effort to realize the unique and wonderful event that suit you.

Manon Zucca
Director and co-founder of M | Agency.

Manon stands out for his know-how and expertise that enable her to understand the realization of your event in a precise and meticulous way.

aving first evolved in Corporate Events, she trained with the best in order to create her wedding agency.
Originally from Provence, she knows all the secrets of her Native Provence. Her 5 years of study in Nice, at the EDHEC, a prestigious Business School, also allowed her to discover the little treasures of the French Riviera but also to acquire a know-how and a methodology allowing her to understand an event in a unique and structured way. She will know how to advise you to find exceptional places in Provence and French Riviera and accompany you in the creation of your beautiful day.

It is with passion and dedication that your Wedding Planner Provence carries out this job and accompanies you in this unforgettable and authentic experience.

“What characterizes me as Wedding Planner? Creativity, perfectionism and attention to detail. I love this special bond that binds us to our bride and groom. Making your beautiful day a unique event is my priority.”

Marjorie Garcia
Director and co-founder of M | Agency.

After graduating with a master’s degree in human resources and management, she decided to train herself in the profession of wedding planner, which she chose by vocation. She creates her agency, which she develops and then decides to partner with Manon by creating together M | Agency, in order to always evolve and offer services of excellence. Convinced that union is strength, she is one of those people who thinks that many people always go further! She knows how to federate, and teamwork is one of her strengths.

Her job as a wedding planner is in line with the values essential to her life, which are love, family and sharing. Passionate, organized, with a taste for beautiful things and always giving the best of herself, she puts at your disposal her know-how, her knowledge of the world of marriage and her expertise to advise you to the best in the organization of your beautiful day. Listening, attentive and perfectionist, it is important for her to establish a relationship of trust with her bride and groom because exchanges are an essential part of her job. She will be there to accompany you, answer your questions and guide you as well as possible to realize your wishes.

“My mission: To do everything in your power to ensure that your beautiful day is in your image and unforgettable for you and your loved ones, while respecting your desires and the moments you wish to share with them. My motto: Enjoy the joys of life, happiness and especially the people you love because no one knows what tomorrow will be made of! LOVE, SMILE, LIVE!”

Rigor, responsiveness and professionalism unite Manon and Marjorie. They are complementary and will make your event an exceptional and unforgettable moment for you and your guests.
Together, they form a dynamic team, for them, nothing is impossible!

Organizing a marriage takes a lot of time, expertise and investment. Would you like to be accompanied in this experience in order to live this exceptional day serenely, appreciate every moment and be able to fully enjoy your guests? M | Agency will be there to guide you, advise you, and think of every detail for the realization of the most beautiful day of your life.

“Let yourself be taken away, live your wedding serenely, be assured that everything goes as you wish, in every detail, and above all enjoy this beautiful day with the people who are dear to you, for the rest, we are at your side!”

Trust your Wedding Planners Provence and together create the unique!

The Agency accepts a limited number of weddings each year in order to create a unique proximity relationship with its clients
to ensure a complete and tailor-made realization of their event.